Discount and Reward Scheme T&C's

The Kit Shop Discount and Reward Scheme is operated by The Kit Shop (Exeter) Ltd as a points based reward scheme for our customers. By accepting and using a Discount and Reward Scheme card, you are agreeing that you have read and accept these terms and conditions in full, and that you have the right, authority and capability to do so under the law of the United Kingdom.

These terms and conditions are available online at and are also displayed at the point of sale in store. They are subject to change without notice. The Kit Shop (Exeter) Ltd reserves the right to refuse, or discontinue to offer this service to any individual customer, or in it's entirety, without prior notice. You agree to waive any claim in respect of outstanding points in the case that the scheme is altered or discontinued, to you or as a whole.

Benefits to You

When you purchase items in our Exeter store, presenting your Discount and Reward Scheme card will give you an 8% discount off of the normal retail price of most products. Items may be excluded at our discretion, but will include all items sold under another promotion, as well as any gift vouchers or store credit.

For every 15p spent in our Exeter store, you will receive 1 reward point. These points have no cash value. Points can redeemed for goods in store at full retail price or donated to a charity at a rate of 1p per point. These values are subject to change without notice, and do not imply a nominal value for the points themselves. You may also transfer points to another individual account or a group account. Point transfers will not be refunded once completed.

With your Discount and Reward Card, you can save trees and save on clutter! When you shop in store with your card, rather than printing a receipt we will link your purchases to your card, allowing you to return items without needing to hunt in a mess of paper for your receipt. Just bring your Discount and Reward Scheme card in with your product and we can find your transaction.

Your Responsibilities

When you accept a Discount and Reward Scheme card, you will be asked to provide an account name and a memorable word or phrase. The Account Name you provide may be, but does not have to be your legal name. If you choose to provide your real name, it will be stored on our electronic point of sale for the duration of the scheme. You will need to provide your account name and memorable word when redeeming your points. This is done in order to protect you. Remember your Account Name and Memorable Word!

Your points are tied to the reward card. Your points can only be redeemed with the reward card allocated to that account. Take care of your card!

You have the right to withdraw from the scheme at any time. If you do so, you will be requested to return your Discount and Reward Scheme card, and you must immediately redeem any benefits that you currently have available to you. Failure to do this will result in the forfeiture of any benefits as part of your withdrawal, and you will no longer be able to claim any control, authority or interest over your accrued reward points.

Ownership and Rights

Your Discount and Reward Scheme card remains the sole property of The Kit Shop (Exeter) Ltd. You may be required to surrender it at any time, without prior notice. You agree to bear any and all cost of doing so.

'The Kit Shop', 'The Kit Shop (Exeter) Ltd', and 'Discount and Reward Scheme' as well as all associated names, iconography and other marks are trademarks of The Kit Shop (Exeter) Ltd. This website, the design of the Discount and Reward Scheme card, and all our other intellectual property remains the sole property of The Kit Shop (Exeter) ltd, and no licence or transfer of our intellectual property is expressed or implied by the terms of this agreement.

Your personal data, including your name if given as your account name and your purchase history, will be stored onsite in our Electronic Point Of Sale system, as well as on appropriate backup media. As per the terms of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or any similar subsequent law that operates in the UK in the future, you have the rights to access your data, and the right to 'be forgotten'. Data access requests can be made in person or via our 'Contact Us' page, or in writing to our postal address. You can change your Account Name and Memorable Word at any time, and as we've already stated these do not have to be real, identifiable information.

If you do choose to exercise your 'Right to be Forgotten', you will automatically withdraw from the scheme. If you choose to do so, you will be requested to return your Discount and Reward Scheme card, and will be required to immediately redeem any benefits available to you or forfeit them in their entirety. This is an unavoidable result of denying The Kit Shop (Exeter) Ltd the right and responsibility to hold information about you.